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Academic Senate Goals 2013-2014


Distance Education Quality (Fred, Catherine, Sue)

Goal: Articulate best practices for quality distance education that support continuous improvement and effective teaching in an online environment.

  1. Produce a best practices document that describes the characteristics of quality online teaching and learning at MPC.

  2. Shepherd the document through the shared governance process at MPC to gather feedback and gain endorsement.

  3. Ensure that document becomes the basis for the Faculty Handbook for Online Instruction and integrated into training and professional development activities related to online teaching and learning. 

Website Improvement (Alexis)

Goal: Improve the MPC website

  1. Produce a Web Redesign RFP that accurately conveys the needs and expectations of an improved institutional online presence and generates thoughtful, imaginative, and competitive proposals from a number of Web design firms.

  2. Identify the firm and approach which best fits MPC needs, and bring their proposal through the shared governance process for approval.

  3. Ensure that the need for expanded and continued support of the campus Web presence is included in the institutional long term Technology Plan.

  4. Make it easier for students to find and register for classes.

Accreditation (Fred, Eric)

Goal: Participate in preparations to research and write the next accreditation self-evaluation

  1. Participate in the development of "The MPC Story".

  2. Review accreditation documents as part of the shared governance process and provide feedback to the Accreditation Self-Evaluation Steering Committee.

Non-instructional Programs and FTES Generation (Kathleen, Brian, Lauren)

Goal: Articulate the value of non-instructional programs to FTES generation using quantitative metrics and qualitative analysis.

  1. Investigate the types of quantitative metrics that could be used to evaluate how non-instructional programs contribute to FTES generation.

  2. Share with the institution pertinent results of the investigation.

  3. Inform the MPC community about key career services outcomes that have been shown to predict student persistence to graduation.

Basic Skills Leadership (Fred, Merry)

Goal: Improve the functionality of the Basic Skills Committee

  1. Develop a description of duties for the Basic Skills chair or co-chairs.

  2. Find and appoint faculty member(s) willing to serve as Basic Skills Committee co-chair(s).

  3. Spearhead an effort to engage in a self-analysis of ways to enable the Basic Skills committee to function in a more efficient and productive manner.

Collaboration Between Instructional and Student Services Faculty (Mike, Kevin, Catherine)

Goal: Continue efforts to increase collaboration between instructional and student services faculty

  1. Continue to educate MPC personnel about curricular changes and requirements through information presentations to divisions on AA./AS-T degrees, resources such as, etc.

  2. Develop BSI-level content courses that could be offered beginning in fall 2014.

Deficit Reduction in Shared Governance (everybody)

Goal: Participate in College Council's Efforts to Eliminate the Deficit

  1. Respond to College Council requests for feedback or information.

Flex Day Planning and Execution (Flex Team)

Goal: Continue to organize flex day events that are perceived as engaging and useful my MPC personnel.

  1. Ensure that the Flex Committee has faculty representation

  2. Receive regular reports from the Flex Committee

  3. Endorse and approve the general plans and the schedules for the Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 Flex Day events

ASCCC Representation (Paola)

Goal: Represent MPC in ASCCC Plenary Sessions and other matters

  1. Attend ASCCC Plenary Sessions

  2. Receive reports from the ASCCC delegate and provide feedback so that the delegate can accurately represent MPC

  3. Remain informed on state-wide issues affecting the California Community Colleges