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MPC Mission Statement



Institutional Mission & Philosophy


It is the mission of Monterey Peninsula College to offer stimulating, high-quality courses, programs, and student services to our diverse community.  Monterey Peninsula College, recognizing the worth and potential of every individual, is dedicated to providing equal access and adequate support to any interested member of the community.


Monterey Peninsula College offers the following programs and services:


         Basic skills courses that enable learners with varied educational needs to succeed at college-level work

         Student services, such as counseling, tutoring, study skills and personal development courses, which support student access, retention, and completion of goals

         Broad-based offerings that allow learners to explore potential interests and abilities and to develop habits of critical inquiry, analysis and evaluation

         Associate degree programs for students fulfilling the General Education Requirements and the requirements of a major

         Transfer programs, equivalent in content and rigor to lower division programs in four-year colleges and universities, for students wishing to pursue a Baccalaureate degree

         Occupational and technical programs with a global perspective that prepare learners for a rapidly changing workplace

         A variety of lifelong learning opportunities

         Cultural offerings musical and theatrical performances, art exhibitions, readers and lecturers for the benefit of the greater community


In order to best fulfill its mission, Monterey Peninsula College is committed to:


         A learner-centered environment that values diversity of students, staff, faculty, administration and course offerings

         Innovative curriculum development and instruction

         Learning resources and academic support services to ensure student success

         Institutional self-evaluation in order to effectively improve and update programs and services

         Shared governance, with the active participation of students, staff, faculty and administration

         A workplace environment that values the contributions of all employees

         Partnerships with community businesses, schools, colleges and universities


Monterey Peninsula College is committed to helping community members explore their potential, develop their skills and deepen their understanding for the benefit of both the individual and the larger society.