MPC Academic Senate

Marina/Ft Ord Committee



Goals and Objectives


Revised October, 2006

I.          To understand where we are now (with respect to Fort Ord curriculum offerings) and how we got there

            1.         Gather information

                        a.  How is the schedule of classes at Fort Ord determined now

b.  What were the enrollment numbers for this Fall

c.  What Spring offerings are planned

d.  Determine the status of the ad-hoc Fort Ord Committee that was formed last year

e.  Determine what, if any, marketing efforts have targeted the Fort Ord Educational Center for Spring

f.  Gather institutional research that was used to assemble our current course offerings

(This goal has been accomplished. Results are here:


II.         To understand how the present and future facilities affect curriculum and program offerings at Fort Ord

            1.  Identify the current facility capacity and capabilities

            2.  Review the timeline for future facility development and examine how it will

        affect future program and curriculum capabilities

            3.  Explore the connection between the current facilities and future academic



III.       To ensure that an equitable process is developed for future planning

            1.  Ensure that there is a process to connect advising to scheduling

            2.  Ensure that there is a process to identify and clarify the faculty role in

       decision-making and advising regarding future course and program offerings

3.  Ensure that there is a plan for establishing strategic relationships with other

       educational institutions in the Fort Ord area

a.  Access institutional research on offerings by other educational

         providers to identify possible partnerships

            4.  Ensure that institutional research on other models is gathered and assessed

            5.  Ensure that institutional research is gathered that will help determine what

                    classes and programs are desired by residents and people who work in

        the area

6.  The Senate will act as a repository for comments and perceptions, which will

then be passed on to those involved in the decision-making processes of the    Fort Ord Educational Center


IV.       To ensure that there is faculty, Senate-appointed representation in developing/reviewing/revisiting an academic vision and mission statement for the Fort Ord Educational Center

            1.  Ensure that there is a faculty role in decision making and advising

            2.  Ensure that the Senate be asked to review and provide input on the vision and

                     mission statement