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Student Learning Outcomes at MPC


MPC SLO Committee:

Fred Hochstaedter

Diane Boynton

Grace Anongchanya

Catherine Webb

Jon Knolle

Michael Gilmartin


Documents and Links--MPC

Documents and Links--Not From MPC




Instructor Reflections

Instructor Reflections on-line form instructions


Instructor Reflections on-line form


Instructor Reflection Word Document (Use this if the on-line form is not working properly)


Tips for Completing the Instructor Reflections Form


Institutional Progress on Instructor Reflections spreadsheet Spring 2015


Institutional progress on Instructor Reflections spreadsheet Fall 2015


Program Reflections

As the heart of its SLO process, MPC engages in Program Reflections at the beginning of each semester at flex days. Program Reflections is a dialog about student learning and the improvement of student learning in each program or area. The Program Reflections process results in rationale for action plans to improve student learning going forward.


Fall 2015 Forms

Instructor Reflections in Word format. Please download this form and use it. Includes examples.

Program Reflections in Word format. Please download this form and use it.


If you want to see what you or other areas did over the last few semesters, see the following compilations


Program Reflections Compilations

2014-2015 Program Reflections compilation (note: Program Reflections were completed at the Fall 2014 Flex Days only; Action Plans were completed at the Spring 2015 Flex Days)

Fall 2014 Program Reflections Executive Summary

2013-2014 Program Reflections compilation

2012-2013 Program Reflections compilation

2011-2012 Program Reflections compilation

2010-2011 Program Reflections compilation



Implementing the SLO-GEO Plan--a Guide

Please see this guide--presented in pictorial style--for information on the implementation of our plan.


MPC General Education SLOs (GEOs)

MPC-CSU-IGETC GE Patterns with GEOs and in COLOR

GEO Explanation in a powerpoint


Responding to the ACCJC 2010 SLO Recommendations

A powerpoint explanation

and in pdf format.


Link to the old SLO page