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Let's Talk About Teaching and Learning

Guiding principles. We honor the expertise, wisdom, experience, and professionalism of our faculty. We are our most valuable resource. When we talk to each other about teaching and learning, we learn from and inspire each other to be better teachers.

What are they? These 50-minute sessions are an opportunity for faculty and whoever is interested to get together and talk about teaching. They are grassroots and loosely organized. I hope that session topics naturally evolve from our conversations. They are one avenue to articulate academic excellence at MPC.

What they are not.
-An effort to tell you how to teach.
-Preaching of one person's idea of academic excellence.
-An effort to get you to write down SLOs. 
-What somebody else thinks are "best practices."

When are they? They will be scheduled at various times throughout the semester as demand warrants.

Possible topics. In no particular order: critical thinking, assessment strategies, motivating students, providing alternative perspectives in the classroom, telling students what you think versus teaching students to think for themselves, 

Upcoming Sessions

"What I Did at the Carmel Authors Festival"

with Alicia O'Neill, Anita Johnson, Marianne Ide (confirmed so far)

Thursday November 15

noon-1 pm

Sam Karas Room


This session is designed to share what these faculty members learned or experienced at the festival. Should be interesting.


A preview from Alicia O'Neill

Read it and find out what she might have had in her bag!