MATE's 2003 Summer Institutes for Faculty Development


Building Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
July 13 - July 19, 2003

Marine Science, Technology, and GIS:  Where are the fish?  Using GIS to model marine habitats.
July 27 - August 2,  2003

2003 ROV Institute description

In an attempt to address the needs of a rapidly expanding area of marine technology, and the growing interest in the MATE/MTS ROV Committee Student ROV Competition, one of the MATE Center's 5th Annual Summer Institutes for Faculty Development focused on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). This Institute provided a forum for educators already involved in ROV design and building projects and some educators who were highly motivated to jump in at an advanced level to: (1) share what they were doing and learn from others; (2) obtain information about advanced ROV-related topics such as piloting and sliding potentiometer control systems; and (3) learn about the many career opportunities available in the submersible technology field. 

Field trips and opportunities to meet ROV pilots and technicians helped participants understand the type of work these professionals do and the technologies they use.  In addition, participants built their own fully-functioning ROVs that competed at the end of the week in six events including races, obstacle courses, and the culminating event-- battle hoops, where all ROVs simultaneously attempted to move their color-coordinated PVC Ts to the center of concentric rings on the pool bottom while trying to sabotage the others!

2003 GIS Institute description

As in 2002, the MATE Center hosted the second of two faculty workshops on topics related to the marine environment, marine technology, and the applications of GIS.  This workshop facilitated a closer interaction between marine science and GIS faculty, thereby helping to increase the diversity of faculty and students exposed to GIS, marine technology, and marine technical careers. Faculty gained an awareness of career opportunities in the marine technical field, while increasing their understanding of technologies applied to ocean activities. Some of the many Institute activities included:

  • a day trip on the Monterey Bay, demonstrating how marine GIS data can be collected using Side Scan Sonar equipment and a ROV

  • a geology field trip to help understand the rock formations in the Monterey Bay

  • designing and creating a GIS marine habitat map


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