MATE's 2005 Summer Institute for Faculty Development June 27 - July 2
Creating a GIS Field Project to Address Marine and Coastal Issues.

Curriculum Products

In order to open the projects labeled as "PMF", you must have ArcReader installed on your computer.  You must download the file labeled "PMF" below, unzip it, and then open the actual ArcReader PMF file. 
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Participant Name School/ Affiliation Success
Lisa Campbell Texas A&M University Phytoplankton Community Structure within and outside a Trichodesmium Bloom in the Southwest Pacific
Dominique Evans-Bye Clark Magnet High School CAM-17 Concentration in Sediments of the LA Harbor

Was awarded the Toyota Tapestry large grant. Will be using the MATE GIS fisheries suitability study from the GIS institute.

Developed a marine science research class that incorporates both GIS and ROV technologies.

Her students have been working on a geostatistical analysis of CAM-17 contamination in marine sediments of the LA Harbor.  They took sediment samples throughout the harbor and will be comparing results from this year's study to those taken in 2002.  Click here to see the GIS poster they made. 

Written curriculum for a GIS Baja field studies class through Glendale Community College.

One of her student's was a finalist in a poster competition for Trimble.

Clark Magnet HS will be hosting a geospatial workshop for EAST.

To view the class website one of her student's made, click here.

Peggy Foletta Kingsburg High School Hydrology Measurements in Elkhorn Slough
Completed a GIS project with CIPE called Ocean Explorers.  Her team produced GIS lessons comparing the Galapagos Islands to the Channel Islands for 9th grade earth science students.  Peggy is using earth science GIS lessons in her earth science and AP Environmental Science classes.  She has since been trained as a 2007 PolarTREC teacher and will be going to southern Alaska in July-August to study glaciated lake sediments with a team from the University of Northern Arizona.  She plans to include GIS in her journaling with the students while I am in the field. 
Dave Grant Ocean Institute- Brookdale Community College Physical and Biological Observations at Del Monte Beach using Aerial Imaging

View the web site Dave created to share GIS excitement with local teachers and students!

Teaching GIS to students and doing local student projects, including:

- Mapping invasive Japanese shorecrabs in our local river system in collaboration with a McGill University graduate student who is studying the problem in the Northeast (a connection MATE helped him make!)

- Surveying the spread of non-native dune grasses along the barrier beach

- Conducting the first mapping of horseshoe crab nesting sites

- Siting potential plots for the placement of a new monument at the local national park or adjacent lands

- Identifying wintering waterbird habitat in Lower NY Harbor.

Using GIS to present data on horseshoe crab spawning sites and non-native plants at Sandy Hook Park (where their facility is located). 

To see the outreach and education work Dave is doing with ROV's, click here!

Laurie Guest Mackay Mare Island Technology Academy

Teaching the physics of flight with kites. Also teaches a class of 144 8th graders. Harbour Freight Tools of Vallejo donated 75 kites. Starting another project where old ROV skills will come in handy. Her and some old students in high school are going to make a float-able. It will attach to one of the Bird Rescue Wildlife Rehab Pools, with the underwater camera on it, to capture loons and other divers.

California Quakes and Population

Taught a teacher inservice with Scott Hansford at Mare Island Technology Academy in August 2004

Presented about MATE Institute at the TechEquity Conference in Fall 2004

Created a unit that uses GPS and GIS entitled the Invasives Monitoring Project


Was awarded Teacher of the Year for Solano County in 2006!

Mark Hall Weber Institute Suitability Model for a Multi-use Trail on the Mokalumne River Watershed from the Tiger Creek Afterbay to Highway 49
Mark Wakeman Howe Saddleback Community College Orange County Coast - a view to safe navigation

Mark has created a series of trawl maps to use with his ecology class at Saddleback.  Click here and here to see two of his GIS maps!

Mark has created a GIS class at Saddleback.  Click here to see some of his maps. Click here to see the most recent report on his class.

Karolyn Kendrick Pima Community College Repeat Photography in Saguaro National Park East
Elena Martin Pima Community College Ecological Monitoring in Saguaro National Park East
Al Lewandowski Port Huron Northern High School

Students created posters to present their findings of a polar region investigation (for the 2007-2008 International Polar Year). They include investigations of the Earth, lunar and Martian poles. The basis for the project were the ideas and skills I acquired as a result of participation in the 2003 and 2005 MATE GIS workshops.

To What Extent is Human Activity Changing  Seagrass Habitat and the Biosystem it supports? (PMF)  (JPG)

Geography Class OceanWorlds Unit

Presentation at the National Conference for Geographic Education in Kansas City titled "Fish Gotta Swim: Marine GIS and Geography Instruction" in October 2004

Presentation at the Michigan Science Teachers Association conference titled "Fish Gotta Swim: Oceanography, Marine GIS and Geography Integration" in March 2005

Jim Long Oregon State University

Tsunami Hazard Assessment: Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon (PMF)   (JPG)

Conducted an inservice training for 24 incoming preservice teachers in August, 2005 discussing the potential for GIS in their classrooms and the products of the MATE Center's GIS Summer Institute.

Gave a talk entitled "Maps on Steroids: GIS in Marine and Coastal Management Issues" at the Oregon Science Teachers Association conference on October 14, 2005

Advising one of OSU's doctoral students in utilizing GIS in the teaching of mathematical concepts.

Did an inservice session for OSU's student teachers in which he took them through some lessons using the Java education edition of ArcExplorer.

Will be doing an inservice for the doctoral candidates using his MATE project as an example of building and analyzing a project and they will also be exloring other classroom applications for GIS.

Holly McKnight Brevard Community College Has taken a new job with Brevard Public Schools as resource teacher for The Office of Career and Technical Education. Numerous obligations, but one of those is the Environmental Academy and the addition of the Bio Tech academy.

Manatee Sightings in the Banana River
Sue Phillips Brevard Community College Manatee Sightings in the Banana River

Added a new GPS/GIS component to her Bio 2 Lab 12 field trip to Samsons Island and a Geocashing Lab 14.  Click here to see her lab manual.

Coordinate an Aqua-Bots Tech Prep Camp every summer. Click here for more information.

Give a submersible technology presentation and mini competition at Dark Sky Festival each year Click here for more information.

Gave a presentation for the Marine Science Club in Satellite Beach in 2007.

Dick O'Hern Germantown Academy Population Density by Zip Code: Wissahickon Creek Watershed, SE Pennsylvania
Joe Rozak Germantown Academy The Barrier Island: A Changing Shoreline
Rex Roettger Ramey School Proposed Punta Borinquen Marine Reserve:  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Ryan Rudnicki San Antonio College Oregon Pollution: Stem the Flow

Teaching 3 full-semester GIS-related courses and 2 GIS related short-courses this spring. Of the 3 long-semester courses, one is graduate-level 'internet served GIS' the other two are undergraduate classes 'GPS mapping', and 'intermediate GIS' the two undergrad short courses are 'careers and concepts in GIS' and 'intro to GPS/GIS'.  Click here to see his San Antonio college web page.

Click here and here to see his other webpages.

Dan VanRavenswaay ASSETS School Oahu Ahupua'a / Watersheds (PMF)

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